HEREFORD MP Jesse Norman should be buying into the ethos of Hereford United’s new regime.

That’s the view from advisor Andy Lonsdale, who claims he e-mailed Mr Norman three weeks ago.

“You have had a lot of comment in the local press about us being bad people,” Lonsdale told the Hereford Times today.

“You had the local MP Jesse Norman asking for comment. I e-mailed Jesse Norman about three weeks ago and have not had a response.

“How can a local MP voted in by the locals endorse a phoenix club knowing that nobody will get paid if Hereford United went into liquidation?

"How can a local MP endorse that and he has not even offered to speak to us.

“I want him to listen to us and let’s engage in conversation and so he buys into our ethos.”

Meanwhile, advisor Joel Nathan says United will be increasing their volunteer workforce for the new campaign.

“There’s a squad, a kit and a stadium and everything is in place to start the season,” said Nathan.

“The new safety officer will be a lad who has worked at the stadium and it will be on a part-time basis and will be here at the home games.

“The players are staying full-time for a footballing reason but the club will not have the level of infrastructure that it used to be.

“For a team in the Southern League, you don’t need a full-time kitman and a full-time physio and a full-time secretary.

“The secretary at Grays works from home on a voluntary basis and does the club – and that is what will happen here.

“I have got stewards who are driving me insane at the moment because they want to know what is going on.

“These forums don’t talk for the bulk of the people.

“There are people who want the club to succeed and you need volunteers to make it happen.”

Nathan says he hasn’t yet decided to take up Agombar’s job offer at Edgar Street.

He added: “If am comfortable with things I will take up the offer that I have been made. I am not to invest my time into something that people don’t want. My friends are involved in the club and I want to help them.”