Who is your sporting hero? Jan-Ove Waldner is a Swedish table tennis player. He is known as "the Mozart of table tennis" and is a legend in his native Sweden as well as in China.

Who is your sporting mentor? Helen Lower, Regional Development Officer. She is my contact regarding coaching and development of Table Tennis.

What is your best sporting moment? Winning the Malvern Table Tennis Championships at first attempt as an unseeded player having played in division 2 for the first time. Achievement of International Umpire in the minimum time of 4 years has also got to be up there.

And the worst? Losing in the first round the following year. As a seeded player for the first match I was up against someone who has just come through group matches, with who I usually have to be on top form, caught me cold.

Do you have any sporting ambitions? To win the Hereford Restricted Veterans Championship. This competition was introduced the following year after I won the Veterans championship ruling me out for 5 years from entering each time I won the Veterans title. When I was finally able to enter someone else has been better. I did make the final this year for the first time, and hope to fulfil this ambition next year.

What was the last trophy you won? Malvern Veteran Singles in 2010. I've been in the finals 4 times previously and finally won it on the 5th occasion; Hereford Veterans in 2006 for the 5th time; Hereford Veteran Doubles in 2008 for the 8th time, this time with Steve Knight, having played with many different people.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given? Play to your strengths, not the opponent's.

What is the best piece of advice to give to a youngster? Play to your strengths and opponents weakness, enjoy the competition and try your best.

Do you have any superstitions? No.

What possession would you save if your house was burning down? PC which has a lot of information stored on it including my calender which acts as a diary.

Which five people would you invite around for dinner? and why? The Dalai Lama for his wisdom and amusing quotes; Bill Clinton for his Charisma; Heston Bluminthal to make a feast to remember; Katie Melua for her songs and music for entertainment; My Grandson Ashwin Fitzpatrick who always keeps me laughing and smiling;

What hobbies do you have outside your chosen sport? Keep fit, DIY, Photography, Home brew, but my sport does keep me rather busy.