HEREFORD United’s pre-season friendly with Grays Athletic has been cancelled.

A United club statement says: “Andy Swallow from Grays Athletic wanted to ensure that it would have been a great day for all players and fans; with the circumstances at the club he felt that the time was not right.

“As a club, we accept and acknowledge the reason the fixture was cancelled and apologise to the fans, not only for the cancellation but the poor communication.

“At present the club is facing some of its most challenging and trying times, we are aware that there are issues that need be addressed and resolved.

“Our aim is to stay positive and make sure football remains at Edgar Street this season and forever more.

“We are trying to keep the fans up to date with as much information related to the club and will aim to improve the communication outlet over the upcoming weeks.”

The Hereford United statement adds: “Over the next month we have a number of pre season friendlies coming up in preparation for the new season and on Sunday we have a game against the 1st Battalion Rifles with all profits from the day going to Help for Heroes.

“As a club we would love it if the fans could show their support for the day, as a club we ask the fans for their continued support. As a club, we want Hereford United to remain at Edgar Street.”