THE London Bulls are urging supporters to boycott Hereford United Football Club after broken promises from the club’s new regime.

The London and South-East supporters’ group wants fans to stop attending matches and functions at Edgar Street and end any sponsorship with the club.

And Martin Watson says Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST) will lobby their own members over a proposed boycott of the club.

Watson, the vice-chairman of HUST, said: “We are calling on our members to boy - cott Hereford United until all football creditors have been paid, the winding-up orders have been settled and the council debts settled.”

Watson added that should the proposed boycott be supported by the majority of HUST members, demonstrations and protests could take place at future matches.

Hereford United are holding their first match at Edgar Street under new owner Tommy Agombar this Sunday against a team from 1st Battalion, The Rifles.

Former Banbury United assistant manager John Taylor will be in United’s hot-seat for the game with proceeds going to Help for Heroes.

United will need to replace the club’s safety officer, Steve Thomas, who will not be carrying out any duties until he is paid.

The London Bulls say donations can be made to the Help for Heroes charity through the HUST website.

“We feel it would be both inappropriate and counterproductive to demonstrate at this fixture,” said the statement from the London Bulls.

“There will, without doubt, be other opportunities to show our displeasure at future matches.”

The London Bulls statement added: “We feel that withdrawing all support of the current regime will benefit the club in the longer term, and that a season without watching football at Edgar Street is a necessary price to pay. It is also morally, the right thing to do.

“London Bulls called on Hereford United owner Tommy Agombar to clarify his position with regard to the future of the football club, and to make good on prom - ises to pay all outstanding football creditors.

“We note that neither has happened, despite further recent assurances that cheques were in the post. We have no option other than to call for a boycott of the club.

“We deplore the actions of Mr Agombar, who came into the club just a few weeks ago, vowing to embrace the community and restore former glories, including a three- year plan to regain Football League status.”

“We are hugely concerned by recent developments at Hereford United. To turn away from something so close to our hearts is incredibly difficult, but we see no other option. Under present circumstances we cannot support the current regime.

“Unless there is a dramatic change in how the club is run, we reluctantly see liquidation and a supporter- owned and run phoenix club as the best outcome.

“We would ask Bulls fans to express their protest respectfully, and without resort to personal insult or vindictive language.”

The Hereford Times was awaiting a comment from Hereford United’s public relations officer Laura Phelps.

Joel Nathan, the Grays Athletic chief executive officer, has confirmed that Tommy Agombar’s son, Thomas Agombar, is a new director of Hereford United.

Former chairman David Keyte has now left the club, but Philip Peter Gambrill, John Harold Edwards and Elke Thuerlings have joined the board of directors.