WEOBLEY High School won 16 of 40 events at the Leominster District Minor Athletics Championship, coming second in nine and third in five more.

The best results came from Callum Walker who won the 200m, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump, followed closely by Hugh Price who won the javelin and 800m. Weobley High School would like to thank Hereford Athletics Club for the extra help they have given the pupils this year. Other winners include: Camryn Pride, Anna Stowell, Ellie Whittington, Tabby Jones, Jack Lewis, Hugh Price x2, Josh Williams Davies, Callum Walker, Leyla Kurt, Alice Walton Prince, Callum Walker x 3, Jake Spink, U13 boys Relay

Some of the winners, Pictured right to left: Josh Williams Davies, Jake Spink, Tabby Jones,Camryn Pride, Callum Walker, Will Truelove; front: Leyla Kurt, Anna Stowell, Alice Walton Prince, Ellie Whittington,