ONE of Hereford's most successful amateur boxers is looking at the prospect of a professional career in the ring.

"I don’t believe that I can achieve a lot more as an amateur," said Wye Police star Dean Evans.

"I won the inter-county belt and have defended it twice – the inter-county belt is about as high as I could go – and I have had a few pro-promoters coming to look for me.

"I’ve not gone out to look for them so it’s nice to be spotted and to have someone interested in me.

Evans believes that there are not too many differences in making the step up.

"I am already fighting without a head guard so that is no different," he said.

"I am very fit anyway and it would only be one extra round – I train a lot more than that in the gym anyway, instead of doing three three-minute rounds I would be doing four three-minute rounds and so I don’t see that as a problem.

"The money side doesn’t really interest me, I just want to be able to say that I went pro and had a go but, obviously, you do get paid for it whereas in amateur boxing you don’t get anything."

And there is always the chance to return to the amateur sport if things don't work out.

"I have nothing to lose as you can always come back," he said. "You can have four pro fights and if you don’t get on very well or don’t like it then you can go back to amateur boxing; after four fights then you can’t go back to amateur so for me, it’s a win-win situation.

"I’m 33 so it’s not necessarily my last chance but it is a good chance for me."