HEREFORD United’s new owner Tommy Agombar wants to pay everyone owed money by the club, claims new consultant Mark Ellis.

“Tommy is a proper person and he will take time because it’s a mess,” said Ellis.

“The debts are 10 times what he thought they were.

“He wants everyone who is owed money to be paid.

“Every penny should tally up. He has not got a pocketful of money that he’s going to throw away.

“We would not be here if Hereford had won the Conference last year.

“We have got so many factions – and fighting within supporters’ groups.”

Ellis also spoke about the proposed fans' forum which has since been cancelled.

“If he really wanted to, he (Tommy Agombar) could nail the local people here."

Ellis said he understood the fans' concerns.

"There is negativity about because people love their club so much and we understand that and we have already built up relationships with the local teams and the community," he said.

He added: “We have local lads who have come back in.

“We have a really outstanding lad who was dismissed by the previous regime and I can guarantee to the fans that he will play 20 games."

Video analyst Neil Phelps, from Hereford, is a local lad who has been filming the training sessions at Victoria Park this week.

“When I was working with Martin Foyle, I was only doing the home games and I was paid expenses," said Phelps.

"As soon as I told Mark what I was doing last season, he said you have got to be doing the away games, too.”

Ellis says he has high hopes for Phelps' involvement at United.

“We are hoping to help Neil will be in charge of a ladies’ team," said Ellis.