DANNY Leadbitter did not receive one message of support from the Hereford United hierarchy despite breaking his leg for the club.

Leadbitter handed in his notice just over a week ago after becoming "sick and tired" with the situation unfolding at Edgar Street.

The right-back broke his leg following an innocuous challenge at Tamworth on Good Friday and is still owed nearly three months' wages.

"I just got one text from the physio Jonny Evans and that was only on Tuesday," said Leadbitter.

"I broke my league trying to keep the club in the league - I literally put my body on the line.

"We were told that we would be updated about the finances, but never once did I expect to receive an email or ever to hear from David Keyte ever again."

Leadbitter featured in 40 games for United last season and took to the hearts of many Bulls' supporters.

But his season came to an end when he landed awkwardly after jumping for a header at the Lamb Stadium.

"It was a routine jump for a header and, when I landed, I heard a snap," said Leadbitter.

"It was a complete freak of an injury.

"I was unlucky that I broke my leg, but anyone could have had a career threatening injury because everyone was putting their bodies on the line."

Leadbitter, who is now able to jog again, said that the past two months have been "incredibly stressful".

He said: "We all talked about staying at Hereford next season and decided to wait to see what development there was and weigh up our options.

"But in the end, I had to think about myself and what was best for my career.

"I handed in my notice, which was cleared, and I am thankful that Hereford are not appealing so I can leave with no compensation."

Leadbitter said that he had to rely on the local media and supporters themselves to know what was happening at the club.

He added that he only knew about new owner Tommy Agombar the day before his appointment was officially announced.

"I had a phone call from Mark Ellis and everything he said sounded brilliant," said Leadbitter.

"We were encouraged by him and thought it was a turnaround for the club.

"I then spoke to Tommy Agombar, who echoed the same things and was also really encouraging.

"But the longer it went, I just couldn't wait any longer and had to go.

"I just feel so sorry for the fans.

"Players and staff come and go, but the fans are there from the beginning until the end.

"They do not deserve this."