HEREFORD United have to meet certain financial conditions over the next four days to remain in the Football Conference.

Conference spokesman Colin Peake said United’s failure to pay football creditors by 5pm last Thursday, had been a trigger only to move things to a legal position whereby a member could be expelled. Breaching a rule in itself was not sufficient to expel.

Hereford United made a presentation to the Conference board last Friday and demonstrated there are funds held to cover immediately debts due to staff and players and other debts going forward," said Peake.

“There are certain conditions that they – and Salisbury who also appeared in person before the board, have had to comply with since Saturday’s annual general meeting.

“There is a certain amount of money that both clubs needed to deposit with the Conference today and other monies and allied conditions which must be met in the next few days.

"The main object initially has been to try and safeguard what is due to staff and players.

"They have bills to meet and we have a duty of care to them first. We are not in business to expel clubs if we can help it. That is counter productive for a number of reasons.

“We are not at liberty to disclose the financial figures in either case due to the confidential nature of the matter but we are talking about a considerable amount of money, so it was impossible for any banking institution  to transfer funds between accounts over the weekend.

"The conditions applied were then pivotal on the constitution for next season, which was then set and were voted on at the annual meeting by the member clubs."

Peake assured the Hereford Times that both Hereford and Salisbury were being treated in the same manner under company law.

Peake then went on to dispel a myth circulating in social media streams around the timelines involved.

“The 5pm deadline last Thursday triggered the limited company articles that gives our Ltd Company the right to expel under Article 5.2," he said.

“Hereford United and Salisbury each turned up and made their personal case not to be expelled and the other member clubs endorsed what they are now going to have to do.

“Salisbury and Hereford have no right to appeal should they fail to meet any of the conditions.

“If Hereford United and Salisbury do not meet all the conditions to which they each have agreed, they will be removed from the Conference.”

He added: “Finally, I must clarify the time and date of 5pm Thursday which as appeared in a variety of reports.

"This is the time by which all matters must be concluded so the competition can advise the FA and our partner leagues of our final constitution, so they can attempt to set theirs this coming weekend.”

Peake was keen to stress that a '10am payment deadline for last Saturday' was not made by the Conference but the errror was then reported across a host of news sites and fans' forums.

The official statement, made to the Hereford Times and reported by us on Friday night was:

"Persuant to article 5.2 of the limited company articles of association, a quorate meeting of its board of directors today met to consider matters of membership ahead of the agm.

In the case of Hereford United 1939 Ltd (company 355272) being represented by chairman David Keyte and director Andrew Green, the board unanimously agreed that the club can retain membership of the limited company and their place in the Football Conference Premer Division providing financial payments are secured as directed by the board.

Failure to meet the financial conditions imposed, the club's membership would be revoked."