HAVE you ever wanted to experience the ultimate combat experience?

Well now you can in the form of a multi-purpose shooting centre near Leominster.

A Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Airsoft facility called Body Farm is currently in operation at Bilfield Farm in Hatfield that features a specially designed game zone incorporating different sections and challenging environments.

Airsoft is a sport that in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched from replica firearms called Airsoft guns or realistic imitation firearms (RIF's).

But, there are plans to run even more activities at the venue that will eventually become the Herefordshire Shooting Centre.

Development is already underway at the site for rifle, pistol and archery target ranges, as well as knife and axe throwing.

"We want people to understand that you can legally hold a gun and enjoy it in a controlled manner," said Jack Weston, from Birmingham Armoury that runs the centre.

"Airsoft is a lot of fun and great for physical fitness and hand-eye co-ordination.

"Game-play varies in style and composition, but often range from short-term skirmishes, organised scenarios, CQB, military simulations or historical re-enactments.

"Combat situations in the game zone may involve the use of military tactics to achieve objectives set in each game.

"Participants may attempt to emulate the tactical equipment and accessories used by modern military and police organisations."

Weston added that the experience is like 'Call of Duty minus the couch.'

"Many parents of existing participants love it because it gets the kids away from the screen and out into the countryside," said Weston.

"It also means that parents can relax or get some work done in our cafe and viewing area."

For more information, call the Birmingham Armoury on 01885 410689 or 07967 187882.

Alternatively, visit birminghamarmoury.com