HEREFORDSHIRE Motor Club have a strong entry for the sixth Welsh Marches Mini Epynt Stages on Sunday .

With previous class winners and the 2013 King of Epynt entered, there will be plenty of Class battles happening.

Car 1 is Jeremy Straker/Simon May in their Darrian T9. Car 2 are Kevin Davies - King of Epynt 2013/Nathan Davies in an EVO 9, Car 3 Ray Horton/Paul Williams in a Darrian T90.

Dave Willet (Car 5) is the first Escort out on this event followed immediately by the Escort of Roger Hicks.

Lloyd Morgan (car 65) is the youngest driver at the grand old age of 17, now moving from the Junior Championship, has been able to progress into stage rallying.

Dan Evans (car 31), who has already made a name for himself in BTRDA 1400 gravel Championship, has come back again to compete again this year with his 16-year-old Navigator Lewis Mason, hoping to better his result and luck on last year. Another 16-year-old navigator is Owen Evans who is alongside Alan Bowen (car 56).

Marshalls are still required. Anyone able to help should contact Kevin Morris 07773120653 or via the HMC website