PLAYER/managing has not always been the easiest of tasks this season for Tenbury United management duo of Aaron Morris and Nick Stocker.

And with both players tending to be on the pitch at the same time, the pair think it’s time to try and bring in another body to be a voice from the touchline in those situations.

“It’s been quite difficult for us to manage when we’ve both had to play this season”, explained Morris. “When you get engrossed in what you’re doing on the pitch it’s quite easy to forget the management side of things, especially when the games have been close fought.

"So we are looking for someone to take purely a side-line role to allow us to have a voice who is looking at the game as a whole rather than being in the middle of it”.

“It’s not only for our benefit,” Stocker added. “The lads need it, too.

"You can’t always spot things from being in the middle of the action and to get some direction from the touchline is vital especially going into the Prem next season.

"In the week, we had Doug Palmer on the bench, who came along, did the kit and took charge of the sideline role. It made a massive difference for us, so it’s something we need to put out there and see if anyone fancies coming along and giving us a hand.”