PENCOMBE Football Club are in danger of folding unless someone comes in to take over the side.

Manager and secretary Karl Hughes says that he cannot continue to run the Herefordshire League Division Two club by himself due to work commitments.

"I am struggling to find someone to take it on, so there is a possibility that we will have to pull out of the league," said Hughes.

"I have been involved with the club for 15 years, first as a player for about six years, then player-manager and finally manager and secretary.

"I have run the club for the last 10 years and have had a fair good go at it, but I am now looking at other people to take it on."

Hughes said that the club has around three weeks to pay their affiliation fees to the Herefordshire FA , otherwise they will fold.

The club shares their Gabbage Sports Ground with Pencombe Cricket Club.

Hughes said that the latter would be severely affected if the football club went under.

"There are slightly older people who play for the cricket club and about 90 per cent come from Pencombe," said Hughes.

"The cricket club would have to look at being a nomadic side, due to having anyone to share the ground costs with."

Pencombe finished sixth in the eight-team Herefordshire League Division Two table last season.

"We had a difficult season because of the poor weather," said Hughes.

"We have a lot of agricultural based players, so when the weather is great, we struggle for players, but when it's poor, we do ok.

"However, because it was so poor, we struggled to get the games in."

Hughes said that a meeting is due to be held to discuss the options going forward.

Anyone who thinks they can help at run the club can call Karl Hughes on 07855 858709.