PAGE family Taekwondo (PFTKD) now have two world champions after competing at their first world championships competition.

At the PUMA World championships (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) in Swindon, seven Page Family competitors from the Hereford and Abergavenny clubs were among 650 people from a host of different countries and returned with a total of nine medals - two gold, five silver and two bronze.

Stand-out performance of the weekend came from Hereford's Connie Knox who was, at the last minute, bumped up a weight category and fighting much larger opponents.

She battled through, however, and reached the final, showing her experience and developing a plan to beat each fighter.

The final was close with nothing between the fighters at the end of normal time but an exhausted Knox found another gear and stepped up a level to beat her opponent in the extra time period, with all judges unanimously voting her victorious.

"It's a fantastic achievement," said delighted instructor Brennen Page. "The step-up of competition was evident but the guys had prepared well and come back with plenty of silverware."

Competitors were: Alex Lewis, Gold sparring Silver patterns; Connie Knox, Gold Sparring Bronze patterns; Ellie Morris, Silver Sparring Silver patterns; Maddie Davies, Silver patterns; Chris Davis Silver sparring; John Anderson, bronze sparring, and Etain Richards.

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