BAD weather could force West Midlands League football bosses to award points for unplayed fixtures. Spokesman Neil Juggins says this winter’s spell of bad weather has ‘highlighted the league is at a full capacity’.

However, Juggins said the FA had given permission for the West Midlands League season to be extended to May 4. Pegasus Juniors, Wellington, Bromyard Town, Leominster Town, Ledbury Town, Bartestree and Hereford Lads Club are all involved in West Midlands football.

“We are not allowed to play double-headers and we have to complete all the league fixtures,” said Juggins.

“Over the last four months we have lost a lot of matches. “At worst, we might have to complete the league table by awarding points for outstanding matches.

“This is something which we will hope to avoid because it is not very satisfactory for clubs, players or the league.”

He added: “We have been given permission nationally to extend the season to May 4.

“We can go beyond that date if it doesn’t involve promotion and relegation. But, as a league, we do not want to go beyond May 11.”

Juggins said he thought the league could be in a ‘privileged position’ to run promotion or relegation in its divisions.

“If new clubs want to join the league, it may have to be done on a voting system with existing clubs,” he said.

“If we have sufficient applications from decent sides, we may be in a privileged position to run relegation or promotion for the first time in many years, or perhaps run a Division Three.

“We wouldn’t have a problem with getting enough referees.

“With the inclement weather, we think we have reached the maximum clubs that we can take in Division One and Division Two.”