HEREFORD Dynamix Club have enjoyed another trophy bonanza at the regional Trampoline and DMT competition in Walsall.

“This was our first entry into a double mini-trampoline competition since we were able to buy essential equipment funded through the National Lottery,” said head coach Sam Board.

“Double mini-trampoline is like a combination of athletics, trampolining and gymnastics,” she explained.

“Competitors sprint down a carpeted track and hurdle on to the apparatus before performing somersaults with the same precision required on a trampoline.

“The only difference is that gymnasts have to land on a trampoline bed less than a quarter the size of a trampoline, before performing a dismount on to a landing mat.”

Eight Dynamix members tried the sport for the first time, competing as individuals and also forming two teams.

The two teams both achieved first position and there was plenty of success for individuals, too.

Hayley Morgan won the over-15 category with Emily Harding in second place and Anna Inglis, third.

In the under-15 section Lucy Griffin finished third and was followed in succeeding places by Jemma Morgan, Megan Corrick, Lizzy Harding and Shannon O’Leary.

Dynamix collected more silverware in the trampoline competition, returning with 12 further trophies.

Grade ‘I’ competitors Liam Cotterrell (second), Anja Scott (third) and Emily Godsall (sixth) all did well in the under-13 competition, forming a team which took the top prize in their first trampoline competition while, at under-15, Abigail Godsall came second and Josephine Franklin, eighth.

“Our youngest competitor, seven-year-old Emily Potter, competed in the under-11 grade ‘H’ and performed two beautiful routines, putting her in first position and enabling her to move up a grade,” said Board.Liberty Jones (second), Aimee Slater (third) and Rebecca Board (fifth) came first in the team competition and also qualified to move up a grade.

Marcus Carey Powell (first in grade ‘H’), Catherine Sheridan (first in grade ‘F’) and Elizabeth Harding (first in grade ‘E’) also reached the qualification scores.

“A big thank you to our volunteer officials who gave up their day to judge, record and marshall,” added Board.