A FRUSTRATING loss has seen Westside slip to fourth place in the West Midlands League Division Two.

The city club were beaten 43-38 by Lyndon Centre despite a player-of-the-match display by Ellie Smith.

“The only consolation was that the five-goal difference gives us an extra point which might be valuable at the end of the season,” said coach Helen Bowden.

The Westside starting line- up of GK Aimee Phillips, GD Steph Snowzell, WD Emily Davies, C Anna Mulderrig, WA Stacey Barker, GA Ellie Smith and GS Helen Hancock had to resist a strong start from Lyndon.

But good work between Phillips and Snowzell forced errors and kept Westside in contention at 12-10 to Lyndon at quarter time.

Despite good mid-court play from Davies, Mulderrig and Barker, Westside were unable to close the gap and trailed 23-20 at half-time.

At the break, Kate Pearce, who made her debut at WD with Davies moving to WA, slotted in well and worked effectively with Snowzell.

Davies and Smith linked well in the attacking third, enabling Hancock to find good shooting opportunities, but Lyndon were also working well and their shooter didn’t miss any chance she got to sink the ball.

At 30-35 after the third quarter, Westside made two small changes switching Phillips and Snowzell, and Hancock and Smith.

“Unfortunately, simple errors were creeping in and turnovers weren’t able to be converted despite Smith’s accurate shooting,” said Bowden, whose side remained five goals down at the end of the game.