EVERY week, a leading figure from Hereford United will be giving his or her view on activities at Edgar Street. This week it’s Vice Presidents Club treasurer and the leader of the pre-Christmas fundraising walk from Malvern to Hereford, Jon Hale.

WATCHING Saturday’s sandy affair with the Sandgrounders, it was obvious that all supporters and supporters’ groups must continue to support United in whatever way we can.

There’s been an incredible outpouring of support this season on the financial side, with walks, waxings, bike rides, coach sing-alongs and anonymous donations from around the world.

We know that 1,500 crowds are not sufficient, but if everyone sticks together – whatever part of the ground you watch the mighty Whites – we will still have a club to watch.

And if you fancy a warm up at half-time, discussing the game with some United legends then maybe the Vice-Presidents Club is the place for you.

I’ve been watching my football at Edgar Street from the VP club for more than 15 years and have to admit I am surprised more people don’t pay that little bit extra for a nice warm lounge before, at half-time and after games, in the company of some United legends.

We formed a new VP committee in the summer, which I am privileged to be a part of, and we are slowly but surely re-invigorating the VP Club.

Central to our aims is to provide a donation to the football club each season from our activities, and we achieve this from various fundraising activities, half-time draws, and Sportsman’s evenings.

But we have also worked on improving the social side of the club with a new range of VP clothing, newsletters, man-of-the- match awards, sponsorship of Andy Porter and taking part in liaison meetings with the club again.

The VP club is really making strides again.

For a small bit extra on top of a normal grandstand seat, we get an excellent view of proceedings from over the halfway line, drinks put ready for us at half-time and the weekly game of ‘name the scout’.

It’s always a pleasure, too, to see some ex-United dignitaries often frequenting the VP Lounge.

The VP Club has some great characters, but there is no doubt over the years membership has fallen.

We are about to have a big push to encourage more members for next season including contacting businesses regarding corporate tickets for the VP lounge, family tickets, maybe even sports associations having a transferable season ticket to allow their performer of the week and a guest chance to watch the Bulls.

The committee sees the VP Club as being an important part of the cog at Edgar Street and want to open out the welcome mat to every single United supporter.

It isn’t a closed shop, and long gone are the days of being nominated and seconded for membership.

We are another arm of this great club and if anyone wants to know more they can contact me by emailing jonhale@ hadopolythene.co.uk and I’ll be delighted to give the details of our plans.

Keep the faith United fans.