HEREFORD boxer Lee Jenkins is preparing for a return to the ring in his home city later this year, writes Chris Plant.

Jenkins will fight for the Hereford Times Cup this March, a trophy he helped the English team win last year against Wales, with victory in his bout.

Currently studying at the University of Brighton and boxing out of an Eastbourne gym, Jenkins is undefeated in three fights, with one knockout.

To further his preparation for the Wye Police Boxing Club show, Jenkins has entered two university competitions.

He will represent Brighton on February 2 and 3 at Essex University, then move on to Coventry on February 9 and 10, in a twoweek competition.

Jenkins said: “The fights are set to go ahead at Hereford and I’m looking forward to it, and to winning again.

“Training is going well and I’m looking to win both competitions coming up.

I’m a determined guy and I don’t go into anything lightheartedly.”

After overcoming personal problems, Jenkins attributes his focused attitude to his new-found faith in Christianity.

He said: “We all have our ups and downs, but Jesus pulled me out of it.

“Jesus found me a couple of years ago. When you are called, you realise he was there all along, you just didn’t know.

“He gave me more direction than ever, Jesus gave me direction.”

The Hereford Times Cup will take place at Hereford Sixth Form College on March 16.