EVERY week, a leading figure from Hereford United will be giving his or her view on activities at Edgar Street. This week, it’s club captain Luke Graham.

THE January transfer window really is like your girlfriend taking your credit card and having a good spend on it, isn’t it?

Kidderminster’s Jamille Matt has moved to Fleetwood for £300,000!

I do not doubt that scoring eight goals in eight games is a good record, yet it’s an expensive gamble on a player who has barely played 50 Blue Square Premier games.

I played with Richard Brodie, with whom I enjoyed a heavy-handed approach against Grimsby recently, at York when he scored 39 goals in a season.

It was obvious to me that he could score goals at a higher level, yet I was astounded when Crawley paid £275,000 for him.

It didn’t work out for him and they have been loaning him out for fees over the last two years trying to recoup some of the money they have deemed wasted.

To me, it’s as bad as my boyhood favourite club Liverpool spending £20 million on Jordan Henderson, just on a larger scale.

It’s exciting for fans, as often teams will try to buy their way out of relegation or will try to add a player that will win them the title.

Either way, there are always several clubs counting the cost of the January madness.

Rumours fly away everywhere and, even at Hereford United, the rumour mill has been doing the rounds.

For what it’s worth, I don’t believe any of our players will leave in January for transfer fees.

I think we have some good young players that are developing well.

They need to keep performing and playing regularly. At the very least, they need to get an offer to stay at Hereford first. That’s the key.

For a start, not many managers have the faith to play young players. Here, the manager has shown plenty - if they are good enough they will play. The hard work is just beginning, though.

In another 18 months, I think Ryan Bowman, Sam Clucas and Marley Watkins could move on, they have been the ones to unlock the doors for us, culminating in many goals and assists between them.

I think Harry Pell has improved his defensive game no end this season yet with a return of one goal and one assist, I feel that will be the side of his game that will be the making of him.

The way he drives with the ball past people is super and if he can improve on the attacking side of his game, he will have a chance.

I can understand that young players want to play at the highest possible level they can - it’s a short career, of course.

Yet if a club wants you, they will come and get you. I’m a firm believer in that.

Managers always get to know about players, through scouts, agents and coaches. A good manager will also go and watch games himself.

Interest is purely that and if I had a pound every time someone has expressed an interest in me over the years, I’d be a richer man than I am now - that’s for sure.

l Luke Graham combines his football career with studying at Staffordshire University to be a journalist.