PARA-dressage rider Alison Moore is recovering from major foot surgery and hopes to return to the saddle in March.

Alison, from Orleton, had three joints fused and a foot re-aligned in an operation at Hereford County Hospital.

Neck and foot injuries forced Alison to give up on her dream to represent Great Britain at the London 2012 Paralympics.

“I will be in plaster for 12 weeks and immobile because my balance is too poor to use crutches,” she said.

“I am still in a lot of pain with my foot but it’s early days.

“I will have a full cast put on for the next four weeks before an X-ray examination to see how the fusions are progressing, and then more plaster.

“My foot is still swollen and colourful but everything is going well, which is pleasing.”

Alison hopes to make a full recovery from the surgery and return to riding by the middle of March.

“My horse, Z, will take a couple of months to regain fitness so that will mean competing by June.

“My training and competing will be geared towards Rio 2016 so there are exciting times are ahead - I can't wait.”

Alison thanked the staff who looked after her during her spell in hospital.

She added: “I can now watch the winter through my window at home.

“I'm coping well and trying not to lose too much muscle - so I have lots of leg exercises to do.

“Once I am fit, Rio will be my target, and I hope lots more people with ambition from the area will be inspired to reach Rio in their chosen sport.”