CRICKET Club all-rounder Christiaan Ferreira says he loves the job he does.

The new chairman of the Herefordshire Cricket Coaches Association believes he’s in a very fortunate position.

“How many people can honestly say they love the job they do?”, he asked.

“I play and coach cricket and I am getting paid for it. It’s fantastic and I am very fortunate.”

Christiaan, a former Eastnor player, is backed up by his wife, Marie, the association’s secretary.

He met Marie when he played for Hereford Nomads and her father, Keith Fortey, was in the side.

Christiaan’s young daughters, Bethan and Gabi, are also cricket fanatics and train with the juniors at Ross.

“I have always done coaching - I did coaching with the young players at Herefordians,” he said, “But it was not until I joined Eastnor - I did the level one qualification.

“Chris Dirkin was the cricket development officer for Herefordshire and asked if I wanted to do some development squad and county training.

“And then 12 years ago, I decided to go full-time and I am glad that I did.

“I was in a fortunate position that I got more and more work pushed my way and eventually took the plunge.

“Cricket coaching is the biggest part of my life along with my wife and two girls.

“My family are very understanding and know that, sometimes, I have to be away from home in the evenings and at weekends.”

Christiaan, who lives at Quarry Road in Hereford, had previously worked at the Wye Inn pub and at the old Wessex Garage in Holmer Road.

He is now among a select band of six UKCC Level Three cricket coaches in Herefordshire.

Only Ed Price, Glyn Harrhy, Richard Skyrme, Ian Foster, David Mokler and Christiaan hold the Level Three cricket coaching qualification in the county.

“It’s my first time as chairman of any organisation,” he said.

“I have been part of the committee for a few years and I am keen to be active and spread the word about it.

“I am keen to build on the work done by the former chair, Therese Warwick.

“I think it’s one of the major associations for cricket in the county.

“We look after coach education and we are there to create better cricketers.

“I think the organisation does a fantastic job, spreading the knowledge and putting on coaching courses.

“We write a development plan each year and come up with a budget agreed with Herefordshire Cricket Limited and the coaches association.

“If there are any club coaches who have coaching drills that work for them, we would love to hear from them.

“We are in the job together to do one thing - that’s to make better cricketers in Herefordshire.”

Christiaan has enjoyed back-to-back promotions with Ross Cricket Club, where he is employed as the club coach.

“I think cricket in Herefordshire is getting stronger,” he said. “There are also a lot of club coaches out there - thinking it’s them against us. But that’s not the case.

“A level-three coach doesn’t mean you’re a better coach than a level one. It doesn’t matter what level you are - we are all in it together.

“We are not here to preach - we are here to share knowledge and it works both ways.”

Christiaan says he would like to take the UKCC Level Four qualification.

“Level four is a two-year university course,” he explained. “I would like to do it - not to get a high-profile job - but to improve my coaching.

“If the opportunity ever arose to coach a professional team, it’s something I would discuss with my family.

“And if something suitable came up, I would probably apply for it,” said the Warwickshire Bears supporter.