RUGBY’S next generation could take for granted technology that kicks disputed goals into touch – and launched with Herefordshire know-how.

Goalscan is what that new generation could be growing into the game with, a cutting edge goal-detection system designed and developed by Hereford’s IA Technology.

Linked to the back of the posts, Goalscan is an invisible electronic curtain sending signals either side of the crossbar - from a scan area some 17 metres above the bar - that go on to a goal indicator.

As Goalscan is able to instantly vector the exact ball position it is equally able to transmit this information to screen in the form of a graphic image or LCD display.

Goalscan grew out of a friendship between rugby fan Derrick Morgan and IA’s chairman Duncan Williams.

Backed by the RFU and IRB for experimentation at elite level, Goalscan gets its official run out at Derek’s beloved Worcester Warriors next month.

The system is supported by research showing roughly one legitimate goal-kick being disallowed every four matches with the risk more pronounced at league games where goal posts are shorter and in-goal areas narrower, restricting the officials’ ability to view the kick from sufficient depth.Initial demonstrations of Goalscan are for the concept model only, the next stage will be to design and build the prototype models for trial at Twickenham.