FEW players have made such an impact in a one-month loan period at Edgar Street as Forest Green centre-back Chris Todd, who was recalled by the Gloucestershire side after the completion of his time with the Bulls last Saturday.

The tall defender’s spell has, not coincidentally, brought a seven-game unbeaten run featuring wins over top Conference sides, an FA Cup giantkilling and four clean sheets.

And while there are plenty of regrets at Hereford that he is leaving, these are matched to some degree by the player himself.

“It’s a little bitter-sweet going back when the side is in the midst of such a good run,” he said.

“I feel there is something good here. We’re on fire at the moment, on a great run and heading in the right direction.

“The form we are in at the moment is promotion form and it’s a shame to leave on such a high.

“It has been a great adventure and a good time for me.

“I needed to get some games and, obviously, Martin Foyle, the gaffer took a risk in bringing me in because I hadn’t played for so long.

“I would like to think that I have repaid him and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

“To have a seven-game unbeaten run since I have been here can’t be bad. If someone had said that to me before I arrived, I would have bitten their hand off.”

Although he knew skipper Luke Graham and goalkeeper James Bittner, who were at Forest Green with him last season, and Phil Marsh, who is a current team-mate with the Nailsworth club, Todd acknowledged the whole squad had made him welcome.

“I have come in and gelled with the lads really well and they have taken me on board which has also been great,” said the 31-year-old.

“They have let me get in among them – sometimes it is hard, you come in on loan for a short period of time and you need to get accepted early doors.

“They did that which has been great and made it so much easier for me.”

And, although he won’t be here to share in it, he believes that there are good times ahead for the Bulls. “I believe that the squad Martin has got here, and with the injured players he has to come back, will be there or thereabouts if they can just keep doing what they are doing at the moment,” he said.

His final appearance at Wrexham last Saturday brought his first goal for the Bulls and one which evidently gave him considerable pleasure.

“I’ve scored a few in my time and it was nice to get one to sign off with,” he said. “I’ve been due one as I’ve not scored for a long time – I usually get one in every 10 so it was nice to get a goal and seal off a great spell.

“The win today was a great way for me to finish and it was a thank-you to the fans who have been outstanding, to the club itself and to the management.”

But the goal reminded him of another big battle in his life.

“My celebration was to do with the Big C choir,” said Todd, who is in remission from leukaemia and has joined the choir to help raise awareness of cancer.

“The corner flag was supposed to be a microphone – I did say to a couple of the members of the Big C that I would do it if I scored so it happened and I remembered straightaway that I had to do it – hopefully someone somewhere has a picture of it.”