A COUPLE who married in Kuala Lumpur are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary today (Thursday).

Robert and Teresa Beveridge, who live in Mansion Road, Hereford, married after meeting in the Malaysian city.

Mr Beveridge, who is 83 tomorrow, was in the country serving with the army when he met his future wife, who was nursing there.

For their golden anniversary they returned to Kuala Lumpur to celebrate.

Mr Beveridge was born in India and Mrs Beveridge, 80, was born in Malaysia.

They moved to Hereford in 1966 while he served with the forces. She then worked at the general hospital.

They have two sons, Jeffrey and Michael, and three grandsons, Matthew, Andrew and Joshua.

Mr Beveridge said: "In marriage you have got to work as a team- give and take.

"Some people are inclined to run away from it. You can run but you can't hide.

"If you have got a family you have got to be there to support them.

"We have had ups and downs. If we have a disagreement, after 20 to 30 minutes I give her a cuddle and a kiss and it is all forgotten.

"We are all human beings. You have got to think about yourself- you are no angel. You have got to be able to apologise.

"We have had a happy marriage."