IN his letter imploring drivers togive cyclists their wiggle room (Reader’s Times, August 30), Ian Skyrme describes familiar experiences which can put people off cycling.

The Spanish wobble room principle is rule 163 of our Highway Code, advising drivers to give vulnerable road users at least as much space as you would a car.

Regular observance of this and a few other simple rules would improve our roads for everyone.

In addition to giving cyclists plenty of room, drivers should slow down, as they would for any other unshielded road user.

Cyclists should see and be seen.

Road positioning is key to this, sometimes safety requires a cyclist to be in the centre of the lane so that drivers can see him or her clearly and anticipate the next manoeuvres.

And of course, the law, on pavement cycling, traffic lights and speed limits, should be obeyed.

Thankfully collisions are rare, but the fear of collision is not.

Traffic intimidation is a major factor influencing the decision to cycle. Competent cycling can reduce risk significantly.

However, the greater weight, speed and power of motor vehicles means there is always a source of danger behind the wheel over which the cyclist has little control.

If better road sharing results in more cycling, there will be more road space for people who use their cars because they must, not because they have been discouraged from cycling out of fear of what a careless or aggressive driver might do to them.

There is a leaflet with more details, Sharing the Road, available from Herefordshire Council. The council also provides free adult cycle training.

PAIGE MITCHELL, Cycle Hereford, Hopton Road, Hereford.