ROSEMARY Lloyd’s letter (Readers’ Times, March 15) was based on misinformation and is somewhat misleading.

She writes regarding the local government boundary commission’s review of council wards in Herefordshire.

While the commission has agreed with the council’s recommendation that the number of councillors should be reduced from 58 to 54, there are currently no plans as regards any changes to the shape and size of any wards.

The commission is about to begin consultation to see if people agree that the drop in number of councillors is the right way forward.

It will then turn its attention to any changes to the shape and location of wards. This will then be the subject of further consultation.

This process is being run by the Local Government Boundary Commission, not Herefordshire Council.

I hope this allays the fears of Rosemary and any others who may be under the impression that new ward boundaries have already been agreed. This is simply not the case.

JOHN JONES, Head of Governance, Herefordshire Council.