Rodney Archard of Herefordshire Friends of the Earth considers the other costs of energy from waste

7:00am Monday 15th February 2010

IN a recent edition of the Hereford Times you reported that many people expressed support for ‘energy from waste’.

I wonder how many of them considered the logical consequence of their support. It means the construction of a waste incinerator.

The much more benign treatment plant proposed at Madley generated a storm of protest; how much more so for an incinerator?

The incinerator would have to go somewhere, so I hope that the people who support ‘energy from waste’ are happy with the idea of a plant burning 200,000 tonnes of refuse each year being built near where they live.

There is also the HGV transport of this waste – 5,000 lorryloads of waste coming in and 2,000 loads of ash going out (very approximately) which has to be dumped somewhere.

The fly ash produced will be classified as hazardous waste and will likely go to Bishops Cleeve where the residents are engaged in a desperate campaign to have the tipping brought to an end.

The fly ash consists of the poisons and particles they manage to catch before they go up the chimney; those they don't catch, escape to pollute the environment.

At present it looks as if the residents of Hartlebury in Worcestershire have been selected for the privilege of disposing of our waste using a process that is internationally agreed to be wasteful, hazardous to the health of those living downwind of the plant and destructive of material that ought to be disposed of in a more environmentally sensitive way.

I hope that people in Herefordshire will offer them support in blocking the construction of this outrage against good environmental practice.

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