A HAZARD has been created by Herefordshire Council’s failure to cut back vegetation along Stretton Sugwas footpath.

This has been a problem in recent years and pre- dates the current situation.

I have tried walking the path but didn’t even get as far as the worst bit – it was too wet, raining and I didn’t fancy walking in the road.

This is a regularly used path by parents with young children, but you certainly couldn’t walk with them or take them in a pushchair at the present time without risking scratches from brambles or stings from nettles.

Some people have given up and are using the road which is a dangerous course of action and it could be an accident waiting to happen.

There is more traffic along here now and we want people walking safely on the footpath.

What a difference there is where a resident has taken it upon himself to keep the area by the church tidy.

Thank-you to them for that.

Perhaps the council could do the same.

GAIL HUME Stretton Sugwas