Cyclists should be warned about Greenway Bridge, wind turbine worries, praise for our MP and city's development is 'flawed'

Hereford Times: Cyclists should be warned about Greenway Bridge, wind turbine worries, praise for our MP and city's development is flawed Cyclists should be warned about Greenway Bridge, wind turbine worries, praise for our MP and city's development is flawed

Cyclists need to be warned

WITH regard the article on the Greenway Bridge, Hereford Times, December 26. I am in agreement over the lack of signs warning of cyclists – however there is no mention anywhere of the lack of lighting on both sides of the bridge.

It's not even as if the lighting is inadequate – it simply doesn't exist.

When you come off the bridge which is quite brightly lit you are temporarily blinded as you enter complete blackness. I highly recommend you try it on a bike after dark – not for the faint-hearted!

Nick Wood, Gurney Avenue, Hereford

Where were flood signs?

FURTHER to the comment by Geoff Frasle regarding the Greenway Bridge, I wholeheartedly agree.

The bridge itself is good; however the approaches on both sides are disgraceful. On the Thorn Estate there is no street lighting, no signs, just a gap in the fence.

If my front light wasn't so bright I wouldn't have a clue where I was going. On reaching the other side at Outfall Works Road it is equally as bad.

The junction with Eign Road is extremely dangerous. On December 31, I was riding to work at 7.40am and as usual could hardly see were I was going. As I approached the turn to go under the railway I noticed that it was flooded. I just managed to stop in time.

The week before I had started work at 7am and if it had been flooded then I would not have seen the water until it was too late. It was deep enough to drown in.

I had to turn around and go back to Victoria Bridge, suffice to say I was late for work. I asked the council why there were no flood warning signs in Outfall Works Road?

A week later there still aren't any.

COLIN EDWARDS, Alice Close, Hereford

Walk is a real attraction

I NOTE Mr Geoff Fresle's concern about the safety of the route linking Bartonsham to Rotherwas via the recently opened Greenway Bridge, as reported in the article in the The Hereford Times on December 26 edition. I hope this matter is quickly resolved.

I walked the entire length of the footpath from Chapel Lane, Rotherwas, across the new bridge and onto Eign Road during Christmas week.

I estimate the return walk to be about three miles – no roads to cross and no traffic fumes.

I found the walk very pleasant with contrasting views of the new build and the countryside.

It is good that new views of the city have been opened up. I was pleased to see that planting of new hedging and sapling trees has begun.

A particularly interesting feature is the sculpture of three people from the past, who had links with Hereford. I wondered whether the derelict brick buildings near the Rotherwas end of the route are the original munitions factories.

Can any of your readers confirm this?

Congratulations to those who thought of this new river crossing and those who created it and the associated work. I hope it will be well used for business and for pleasure.

BRIAN HUBBARD, Dorchester Way, Belmont

Hereford Scheme has serious flaw

MS LEWIS, Readers' Times, December 19, is right about one thing.

There are many objectors to the plan to erect an 84-metre turbine on Clyro Hill. But are five community councils, the National Trust, CPRE, CPRW, Hay Castle Trust, hundreds of local residents, our local MP and local county councillor really all peddling "scare stories and misinformation" as Ms Lewis suggests?

Supporters of this proposal argue the need for more renewable energy, but that is not a sufficient argument for a commercial turbine in a location such as Clyro Hill.

The Welsh Government has identified seven remote, unpopulated upland areas for wind generation. Why then are we being asked also to accept the construction of a large industrial machine close to housing and in a popular tourist area, within miles of the National Park?

Ms Lewis dismisses some of the objections raised. Anyone who has been following the progress of turbine applications in the Edw and Bachawy valleys will know that construction of this turbine will lead to further applications.

Regarding house prices, readers can refer to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors website.

Those interested in wind turbine noise can sample for themselves the sound of a turbine on the MASEnvironmental website, and can then look at the list of health effects cited by the World Health Organisation as resulting from turbines placed too close to housing.

Regarding tourism, Powys UDP states: "Powys has a landscape of consistently high quality throughout its area. This is one of our main assets and it is the basis of one of our other main employment sectors, tourism."

It is disingenuous, but easy, to suggest that opponents to this scheme are opposed to all renewable energy. There are good renewable energy schemes; this is not one of them.

IAIN AITKEN, Clyro, Hereford

Not all MPs are bad eggs

MANY people may rant and rail about the chitter-chattering of the political classes and I for one have often been one of those many who feel upset with their political representatives, especially our current so-called prime minister.

However, I must say how nice it was to see young Jesse Norman in The Barrels to present his Discover Hereford Award for best pub. He has helped me on a number of occasions and I for one feel maybe he isn't such a bad egg after all.


Hereford New market looks awful

I WRITE as a former councillor and cabinet member (2003-2007) who was involved in the relocation of the old cattle market.

My disappointment at the new construction is considerable. Apparently, it's meant to match the historic buildings that Hereford already has.

I must say I have missed the similarities – viewed from the Tesco roundabout one sees a vast prison wall that suggests nothing historic, nothing elegant, nothing shapely, proportionate or beautiful.

We used to have the revolting, angular roofscape of the old livestock market., do you remember that?

Well, now it's gone and what has replaced it? I can't believe it; t The developers have recreated the old roof line. We also have some absurd slit windows, complete with slanted reveals – I suppose this is a historical reference too.

The whole construction is an unconnected mishmash of cheap styles straight out of the pattern book. They must have been busy one Friday afternoon and needed to get off to the wine bar.

By contrast, the cattle market at Stretton Sugwas is a triumph – both in practicalities and in appearance – and I fought so hard to shift that old market. Look at what they think we deserve in replacement – what a pity.


Hereford Lions were so thoughtful

THROUGH your letters page we' would be most grateful if we could express our thanks to Wyevale Garden Centre and the Hereford Lions for the wonderful sack of toys that were delivered to us on Christmas Eve for our two-year-old grandson, Max, and for the very generously donated hamper of delicious goods to us.

We spent some time in Santa's grotto on December 16, at the garden centre with Max when we all enjoyed the beautiful display that was free to visit.

We bought a raffle ticket for Max, and were delighted to receive a telephone call from Hereford Lions to tell us that Max had won Santa's sack full of toys which were delivered to us on Christmas Eve by John and Colin.

Thank you so much for the care taken in building the grotto, for the time and trouble spent in making our visit to Santa such a pleasure, and finally for the lovely gifts; we (and especially Max) are most grateful.

ALAN AND GILL EASTOUGH Much Dewchurch, Hereford


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