INSTEAD of building a “relief”

road, which very little local traffic would use, why not have two more river crossings?

A road starting from between the end of Hunderton Road and Sydwell Road could cross the river at this point and skirt the Waterworks and end at the top end of Wordsworth Road.

A logical addition to this would be to build a road from the junction of Yazor Road and Grandstand Road across the edge of the racecourse to join Roman Road by the racecourse entrance.

These roads would give Belmont traffic access to Whitecross, Westfields, Holmer, college and north and east routes without going near the city centre.

The second road would run from the old Polish Hospital on Holme Lacy Road across the river and skirt the edge of the sewerage works ending up by scouts corner on Eign Road.

This would give Putson and Rotherwas traffic access to the city, all northern local areas and north and east routes, once again without going near the city centre.

The roads and bridges would have a 7.5 tonne limit and only need to be single carriageway. Once drivers have experimented, having more choices of how to cross the river will make all routes freer of traffic.

To enable roundabouts it would be sensible to demolish the Polish Hospital and move the Scouts’ headquarters slightly to the south.

The total length of these roads is only two miles and the bridges would cross the river at quite narrow parts so the cost should be a fraction of the unwanted 'relief'


Sounds too simple. Is it, or could it work? If was done purely for the use of relieving traffic congestion and not tied in to building more houses I think it could.

COLIN BENNETT, Eign Road, Hereford.