NO doubt the announcement that car parking charges are being increased across the county will cause dismay and outrage from some local residents and businesses alike.

Might I suggest that those people complaining take a look at other towns and cities to compare prices?

Last year, Gloucester City Council reduced its parking charges to £6 for all-day parking in Gloucester city centre. That is still three times the cost of parking all day in Hereford even after the latest increases are introduced.

In Cambridge, the park-and-ride fee is £2.50, while city centre parking costs £7.20 for all-day parking.

We went to an ice hockey game at Nottingham last week and paid £9.50 for four hours’ parking in the city centre.

All in all, car parking charges in Herefordshire are still low in comparison to other places, and the revenue is a key source of income for the council, helping fund council services.

JOHN SEDDON, Newtown, Leominster.