IF you really know your onions, or even if you don't, Newent will be the place to be, thanks to the town's annual Onion Fayre.

The fayre has been described as Gloucestershire’s "greatest, largest and most successful one day free festival" and it returns for its 22nd consecutive celebration, since it was revived for the modern age.

A spokesman said: "From a charter granted to Newent by King Henry III in the 13th century it has now become a street festival of food, drink, music, events, exhibitions, fun fair, activities and merriment which regularly attracts more then 15,000 visitors each year.

"It is a very big draw for visitors with in excess of 120 stalls around the town, a large Food Hall, two stages for music bands and a separate ‘Funion’ area near the lake especially for children. It has featured on local TV and even on Australian TV in the recent past."

The spokesman added: "The Fayre is the only national festival to celebrate the noble onion in this way and at its heart are the one and only Onion Eating contest and the magnificent Onion Show both of which are unique in their status in the UK, possibly even in the world.

"The Onion Show, which is affiliated to the National Vegetable Society, is staged in the Memorial Hall and has Class exhibits that can only be from the onion family. It also includes classes for children to exhibit and exhibitors come from all over the UK to compete for the cash prizes and trophies making for fierce competition."

The Onion Eating Contests for men and women attract many entries each year and takes place in the afternoon on the main stage.

The spokesman added: "If you think you can eat a raw onion why not come and have a go?"

The fayre will take place on Saturday, September 9.

For all information on the Fayre and especially for entering the contests please go to the website - newentonionfayre.org , alternatively for general enquiries contact: onions@newentonion fayre.net