DREAMS of running the New York Marathon were blown for three runners in the wake of the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy.

New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the race had been cancelled on Friday after the deadly superstorm ripped through the United States’ east coast on Monday night, leaving 90 dead.

Richard Brown, aged 31, had already arrived in New York when the decision was made and had even collected his running number from organisers.

He was set to run the race in memory of his sister Joanna, from Malvern, who had been training for the New York Marathon when she fell to her death aged 30 while travelling in Siberia.

He said: “Everyone accepts it’s the right decision but wishes it had been made a little earlier.”

Speaking from his hotel room on 42nd Street, Mr Brown said he arrived in New York on Thursday and was told Friday evening about the cancellation.

“I’m disappointed. But to see first hand what has happened here and what’s still happening here – people not having electricity and not being able to get into their homes – there are far more important things in life.

The right decision was made.”

Dan Pawsey and Ben Johnson had also been set to run.