Lydia Johnson on: Meat-free March

Hereford Times: Nine day festival to be held across Waltham Forest in March

1:06pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

After trying to go vegetarian for a month in March, I have learned a few things.

Lydia Johnson on: Giving up meat for a month

Hereford Times: South west Hertfordshire residents some of 'healthiest' in country

3:19pm Friday 28th February 2014

ACCORDING to charity Animal Aid, March is Veggie Month. Does anyone want to join me in giving up meat for a month?

Lydia Johnson on: Pubs - as rich in history as they are in flavour

Hereford Times: Lydia enjoying a pint in Dublin. Picture by Lorna Morris.

3:53pm Thursday 9th January 2014

MANY pubs have stood for hundreds of years - just think of the history and stories that are trapped inside the walls of your local.

Lydia Johnson's Blog: sometimes it takes a great deal of bravery to be yourself

Hereford Times: Dani Gormley.

7:00am Thursday 12th September 2013

THIS week, Leominster town Councillor Peter Ellis spoke about how his experiences of being transgendered helped him to write his first crime novel about a pre-op transexual private detective. Although it shouldn't be brave to be yourself, especially in 2013, I think it has taken a certain amount of bravery for Peter to share his story.

Lydia Johnson's blog: Don't just stop at lads' mags - celebrity magazines could do with being covered up too

2:16pm Tuesday 30th July 2013

WHILE lads' mags do zero for how the world views women (and how women view themselves), celebrity magazines do equally as little.

Ghost hunting in Herefordshire...

4:02pm Friday 26th July 2013

LATELY I've been spending time delving in to the darker side of Hereford.

Lydia Johnson on: why we need food banks

Hereford Times: (l-r) Volunteers Carol Plant, Alison Russell and reporter Lydia Johnson.

5:00pm Friday 7th June 2013

AFTER spending a morning in Hereford Food Bank, it's hard not to want to do more to help.

Live and let live - local views on the news that police will offer more protection to alternative subcultures

Hereford Times: S.O.P.H.I.E wristbands - Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere.

12:00pm Thursday 9th May 2013

ONE woman has told of her experiences of abuse because of the way she dresses.

Lydia Johnson On: Rape - it's not her fault

Hereford Times: West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre have received more than £200,000.

4:34pm Thursday 2nd May 2013

THE NEWS that the West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre have received funding is fantastic, as their service is a lifeline for women around the county.

Live Below the Line

Hereford Times: Reporters Lydia Johnson and Jess Phillips, will be living on £1 a day starting from Monday.

2:36pm Monday 22nd April 2013

Reporters Lydia Johnson and Jess Phillips are challenging themselves to feed themselves on £1 a day.

Live Below the Line: can we live on £1 a day?

Hereford Times: Reporters Lydia Johnson and Jess Phillips, will be living on £1 a day starting from Monday.

4:22pm Friday 19th April 2013

REPORTERS Jess Phillips and Lydia Johnson are challenging themselves to live on £1 a day from next Monday - can you do it too?

Lydia Johnson On: It IS a hate crime

Hereford Times: Sophie Lancaster

11:20am Friday 5th April 2013

GOTHS, punks and anyone else that stands out from the crowd will rejoice at the news that they will get greater protection from the police.

Lydia Johnson On: Teddy bears and cakes

Hereford Times: Ellie Targett surrounded by teddies, all of which will go to children in South Africa.

3:28pm Monday 4th March 2013

ALTHOUGH there were a few things I could have ranted about this week, the good out-weighed the bad.

Lydia Johnson on: Trains and rising rail fares

Hereford Times: Javelin train

3:21pm Thursday 31st January 2013

AS a commuter, I can fully understand the anger at the rising train fares.

Lydia Johnson On: Being (almost) bald

Hereford Times: During the head-shave on Sunday.

12:52pm Friday 11th January 2013

AFTER a week of being almost bald, I still recommend it to everyone despite various insults.

Lydia Johnson On: The New Year

Hereford Times: St Michael's Hospice is appealing to the people of Herefordshire to help them raise £11million to enable them to help care for more people.

9:00am Friday 4th January 2013

THE start of a New Year gives many people a boost to look at their lives and evaluate what they want to do in the upcoming year. What do you want to achieve by 2014?

Lydia Johnson On: The End of the World

1:02pm Friday 21st December 2012

So the world did not end. But how would we survive if the modern world as we know it came to an end?

Lydia Johnson On: Gay marriage

11:03am Friday 14th December 2012

While I personally believe there should not even be a debate on whether gay people can marry, many are opposed to it. But what do you think?

Lydia Johnson on: Social networking sites

4:54pm Friday 23rd November 2012

IN her blog this week, reporter Lydia Johnson discusses how, despite how much we moan about them, social networking sites can be a tool for good.

Lydia Johnson On: Cyberbullying

12:26pm Friday 9th November 2012

In this week's blog, reporter Lydia Johnson writes about cyberbullying and how to avoid it.

Lydia Johnson on... trick or treating this Halloween

2:22pm Friday 2nd November 2012

MANY people will be as shocked as I was by the news that trick or treaters in Manchester were given cocaine.

Lydia Johnson on: Racism - Kick it out of everything, not just football

Hereford Times: Burghill Rangers' Adam Price (England), Nick Coldea (Romania), Lukaz Bodziarczyk (Poland), Neil McLaren (Fiji), Kiko Azzam (Egypt) and Morris Sibanda (Zimbabwe) line up for the camera.

12:10pm Friday 26th October 2012

ALTHOUGH I'm not a huge sport fan, the news of footballers boycotting their team shirts to speak out against racism is definitely worth writing about.

Art: How do you feel about the Hereford bull statue four months on?

Hereford Times: The Hereford bull during its instalment in High Town.

12:33pm Friday 19th October 2012

WITH Damien Hirst's new art piece - a 20m-high statue - causing debate, reporter Lydia Johnson asks how people feel about the Hereford bull statue a few months on from its installment in High Town.

Burglary: Will the new law do more harm than good?

12:31pm Thursday 11th October 2012

FOLLOWING the recent announcement that homeowners will be better protected for using force when defending their home, Hereford Times reporter Lydia Johnson asks is this a small step for common sense or will it do more harm than good?

Guest blog: Should the Sun's Page 3 girls go?

1:42pm Thursday 4th October 2012

Guest blogger reporter Lydia Johnson asks should the Sun say goodbye to its Page 3 girls?

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