JOHN Kyrle High School students have welcomed a number of visitors during the last two weeks, enhancing their learning in religious studies.

Anne Seagar and Nok Marasri from the Forest of Dean Nichiren Buddhist community visited four Year 8 classes and shared their love of a branch of Buddhism that originated in Japan around 700 years ago.

They described for students their beliefs about the Ten Worlds that represent different states of mind that they believe are inherent in everyone, they briefly demonstrated some chanting and answered students' questions.

Anne and Nok complimented the students for the deep nature of the questions asked and also their very thoughtful and perceptive responses. Anne and Nok also very generously shared some delicious Thai food with members of JKHS' RE department during the lunch break.

Pete Martin from the Baptist Church in Ross joined a Year 11 GCSE class; Pete shared his own personal story and answered a wide variety of questions on issues such as marriage and family life, life after death and the problem of evil, giving his Christian view on these topics. This was a great aid to students' revision.

Rev Sarah Jones (Rector of St Mary's, Ross) came in and led an after-school sixth form revision session.

She provided a really interesting perspective on issues surrounding human sexuality; she certainly got the Ethics A level students thinking and questioning.

Head of RE, Nick Wardale commented "It is always a joy to welcome visitors to John Kyrle High School; from an RE perspective it really brings learning to life. I am really grateful to our recent visitors for being willing to share their time and expertise with our students."