BROMYARD, although not the largest town in Herefordshire, does have its own full-size symphonic concert band.

The band has just completed its 35th season and since its inception in 1982 has helped raise over £100,000 for local charities.

Consisting of over 40 playing members of all age ranges, the band has, over the years, helped many of its younger players to gain musical experience which has enabled them to take up a career in music.

Two such examples are Jess Mortimore-Price and Tom Pardoe-Matthews who will soon to be leaving to go to universities in Bath and Leeds respectively, both undertaking degree courses in music.

Members of the band said "au revoir" to them at the bands final concert of the season, which took place at the Falcon Hotel in Bromyard.

Cornet player Jess, and saxophonist Tom are seen here with their instruments, just after being presented with farewell gifts from the band.

The band's conductor, David Thomas, said that he was proud of both his own band's achievements at and also the individual achievements within the band. "One should never ignore the contribution each member makes to the band's success. These young players have achieved a very high standard of playing, both reaching Grade 8 level on their instruments. We wish them every success in the future. It is not easy saying farewell to them as they will leave vacancies in their respective sections, but this is, in essence what we do. We are always active in encouraging players to join us. If they are students, we know they will be leaving at some future stage.

We will be starting our next season in September, and already have a busy set of engagements, in Leominster, Stourport, Droitwich and Bromyard. We are always looking to recruit new members, and anyone interested in joining can find all the information they might need from our website". Visit