A HEREFORD restaurant has had its licence suspended for a further three months and 21 days.

During that time, Jalsagor restaurant in St Owen Street is not allowed to serve alcohol and also not allowed to serve hot food after 11pm.

Herefordshire Council's licensing committee held a full licence review on Friday.

The meeting was held in closed session, following legal advice, as the committee was told there was sensitive information in the reports submitted to the meeting and it would not be in the public interest to hold it in open.

The Hereford Times was told to leave the meeting and was told the decision afterwards.

There will be a continuation of the interim suspension for 21 days, which started last Friday to allow for an appeal, and then at the end of the 21 days there will be a further three month suspension of their premises licence.

The licence was suspended due to a joint operation on Friday, May 19 between police and the UK Border and Immigration Agency at Jalsagor.

Three men who were working there were detained and found to be in breach of the law.

One was found to be in the country illegally and the other two were over-stayers. All three were taken to a holding detention centre.

In 2011, five males were detained in similar circumstances when the restaurant was under the same control and management of Dena Restaurants Ltd. Following this, the restaurant was required to keep a logbook of everybody who worked there, along with details such as a passport number and national insurance number.