Emma and The Professor have been performing together on the folk circuit for 10 years, appearing at virtually all the UK's major folk festivals and supporting artists such as Show of Hands, John Renbourn, Vin Garbutt, Hazel O'Connor and Jacqui McShee.

Emma has worked with Benji Kirkpatrick (Bellowhead and Faustus) with his first band, The Hedgerows and featured on their first album, Evolving Tradition.

Mark has recorded for Miles Hunt (The Wonder Stuff) on his album with Erica Knockalls Catching More Than We Miss. He has also performed with Mark Chadwick (The Levellers) who said, “I don’t normally like the bodhran...but you’re extraordinary!”

As well as being skilled songwriters with an eye on the present and an understanding of the past, Emma andMark are superb musicians. Emma's guitar playing is full and rhythmic and her singing voice is thoroughly unique and simply stunning. Imagine the ethereal meandering style of Joni Mictchell combined with the visceral blues/soul of Aretha Franklin and the clarity of Jefferson Airplane's Grace Slick!! The variety of rhythms that Mark produces on the bodhran (Irish drum) and the cajon (box hand-percussion) are endless and infectious.

Their closeness as musicians and unique chemistry can’t help but 'draw you into' their lively and animated performances and their songs radiate with the energy that lies within the ancient lands of the Welsh Marches. Here are tales of sorrow, loss, hope and love all delivered with deep passion and soul.

Emma and the Professor will be playing Garway Live! in Garway Village Hall on Saturday. For tickets, call 01981 580056 or email bookings@garwaylive.com