A CHANGE in the law on the taxing of sanitary products is being called for by Ludlow MP Philip Dunne.

Philip Dunne, has welcomed the announcement in the Spending Review that revenues from VAT on sanitary products will go to supporting women’s charities.

VAT on tampons and other sanitary products are currently the lowest allowed under EU law.

The Government has committed to seeking a change in this law, but until this is achieved, the Chancellor confirmed a fund of £15 million, equivalent to the money raised from VAT on these products, would go to supporting women’s charities.

“I want to see the complete zero rating of VAT on tampons and other sanitary products, but that is currently not possible due to EU regulations,” said Philip Dunne.

“The Government has committed to negotiating with the EU to bring about a change in these rules, but until we achieve this I think it is wholly appropriate that the money raised through these taxes go to supporting women’s charities.

These charities include women’s health groups, as well those responding to domestic abuse. The government will make an initial donation totalling £5 million to support The Eve Appeal, SafeLives, Women’s Aid and The Haven. Further donations and recipients will be announced at Budget 2016.”

The funding will run until the end of this Parliament, or until the UK can apply a zero rate to sanitary products.