A MOTHER whose son was diagnosed with a bacterial infection within days of being born says a device aiding his mobility would do wonders for his development.

Josh Skyrme was admitted to Hereford County Hospital before suffering a cardiac arrest within 48 hours of being born and spent his first three months fighting back from the brink after contracting Group B Strep, a common bacteria which can be passed on to babies during labour.

Despite being treated for the condition, young Josh then contracted meningitis and, although he recovered, is still feeling the effects 18 months on as he has mobility issues and is visually impaired.

The Group B Strep, which was treated following a course of antibiotics, was spotted after being admitted soon after mum Jaime Arndt had given birth to Josh and his twin brother, Charlie.

She said she had initially not heard of the name of the infection.

"That was the hardest thing," said Miss Arndt, 26, who lives with her family in Titley, near Kington.

"They were telling us about this thing but we didn't know what it was."

She says he is developing well but the family would love to buy a device for him called a magic carpet, costing £7,500, which allows youngsters with mobility issues the chance to experience moving about.

"He's used one once before and it was amazing for him," his mum added.

"I would love to get him one for himself."

His grandmother, Steph Arndt, says time is of the essence.

"We would like to get it quite quickly because it is important to him at this stage of his development," she said.

"His development is delayed compared with his twin and he is visually impaired but we won't know the severity of the damage until he is about five.

"I just think a child's development is crucial in the first two years.

"He giggles and he's happy but his sight is our concern.

"We also want to make people aware of Group B Strep."

She said she would encourage expectant parents to buy a home-testing pack costing about £35 to try and detect Group B Strep, which is a condition most babies completely recover from.

To help the family buy the magic carpet for Josh, email paul.broome@herefordtimes.com