THERE was an encouraging turnout for the 74th Gladestry Sheep Dog Trials with handlers coming from far and wide to compete. This year's charities supported by the a trials are St Michael's Hospice, the Bracken Trust and Welsh Air Ambulance. The committee is grateful to Mr and Mrs S Watson, Court of Gladestry, for providing the venue and the sheep, to Ridgeway Caterers, to everyone who helped ensure a brilliant weekend and to visitors who supported.

Results for August 29 - Judge Mr Alan Williams, Peterchurch.

Open South Wales: 1. J Wheaton from Port Talbot with Ben aged two; 2. S Lewis, Élan Valley, Fan seven; 3. B Howson, Brecon, Meg 12; 4. Lorna Owen, Bucknell, Mai 13; 5. V Powell, Northants, Mint 13.

Novice South Wales: 1. B Howson from Brecon with Meg aged 12; 2. Lorna Owen, Bucknell, Mai 13; 3. J Wheaton, Port Talbot, Roy 14; 4. K Harley, Glasbury, Fly 16.

Local Class: Equal 1. Josh Watson and Sam Bowen; 3. Robert Watson; equal 4. Dr Cleland and Mike Lloyd.

Results for August 30 - Judge Mr Huw Lewis, Aberystwyth.

Open National: 1. Aurwen Price from Rhayader with Kate aged six; equal 2. Bob Powell, Northants, Drift 9 and Gerald Lewis, Llandovery, Flash 9; equal 4. Val Powell, Northants, Mint 11; John Wheaton, Port Talbot, Ben 11; E L Morgan, Aberystwyth, Glyn 11.

Novice National: 1. Aurwen Price from Rhayader with Kate six points; equal 2. John Wheaton, Port Talbot, Roz 12 and Glyn Howells, Camarthen, Cap 12; equal 4. Claire Ridge, Pembroke, Sian 20 and Derek Lloyd, Leominster, Tom 20.

Under 21's: Jamie Williams, Peterchurch.