AMY Wadge is widely regarded as one of the country's most successful female singer/songwriters, and she'll be appearing with her live performance partner Pete Riley for Garway Live! on Sunday.

Over the course of five solo albums, two collaborations, numerous compositions for other artists and hundreds of live performances all over the globe, she has established an outstanding body of work, twice taking the title of Best Female Solo Artist at the Welsh Music Awards.

One of her more high-profile collaborations is with Ed Sheeran, who she's known since he started out - Thinking Out Loud appears on his bestselling album X, though it's not the first song they've written together. Amy also co-wrote Gold Rush, which appears on Sheeran's first album + (Plus). with Ed Sheeran, who she's known since he started out Her voice is simply amazing with a breathtaking range and emotional impact while her songwriting continues to surpass most of her contemporaries. "An irresistible, riveting performer" - Bob Harris, BBC Radio2. Rivers Apart (2011) was Amy's first collaboration with Pete Riley, who joins her in Garway.

Amy Wadge and Pete Riley appear for Garway Live! on Sunday at 7.30pm