WILL man beat horse or horse beat man is the big question most of the population of Huntington will be asking themselves this year.

Last year, in a thrilling finish, two horse-riders beat three cyclists with two runners following closely behind. It may seem obvious that a horse would beat man, but man is good at running or cycling faster as the horses slow down as they come down the ridge.

It is time for the seventh Huntington Chase to take place again. On September 27 at 11am at the village hall, up to 70 participants will be testing their mettle as competitors from all over the region from Llandrindod to Hereford will slog it out over a gruelling 10km course in aid of charity.

Many horsemen and horse women, cyclists, runners, walkers and even dogs have tested each other from Huntington village hall, up over Hergest Ridge, down to Gladestry and up Stone House Bank into the welcoming bar of the Swan Inn, Huntington. Here, friends and local residents greet and provide competitors with well-deserved refreshments and plenty of beer.

Previous charities have benefited from over £2,000 over the years from the Chase, which has become a much loved and keenly supported event of Herefordshire.

Riders must carry their own insurance. Fancy dress is greatly encouraged!

Please apply to Peter Kelly: peterbkelly642@hotmail.com or call 01544 370266. Also see www.huntingtonchurch.co.uk/huntington-chase/