WHEN club president Mike Thompson recently completed the induction of two new members, he was able to announce that for the first time in it's 26 years history, the Vaga Club's active membership list in reaching 51 members had passed a notable milestone. On this occasion Nigel Vandyck and Herbie Renfield were welcomed to Vaga's ranks where with three men's Probus Club's based in Ross alone, the demand for opportunities to enjoy and value the friendship and interests of fellow retired professional and business people remains remarkably vibrant.

The growth and development of the activities at the Vaga Club, which takes its name from the Roman name for the 'Wye', has been particularly praiseworthy over the past five years when its membership numbers during that time have increased by an impressive 25%. The decision taken by the club's committee in 2009 to focus and be proactive in developing new relationships through its then membership base has been a key and ongoing factor, and the results speak for themselves. In this respect, the quality of the visiting speakers at the club's twice monthly meetings has played an important role, as has been the organization and care exercised in the regular and varied social events to which the members' ladies have been encouraged to attend. While the club has been managed by a small committee, it has been a real team effort, and the direction from the various club presidents during that time and the support received from all members as a result is fully recognized.

The Vaga Club also benefits from and values the support of the team at the Ross Conservative Club, where its meetings take place on the second and fourth Tuesday mornings of each month.