A WILD bird ended up being an unlikely guest for a county family.

Alan and Karen Tobey were shocked to see a jackdaw arrive at their Moreton-on-Lugg home last Wednesday.

Jackdaws, part of the crow family, are renowned for stealing other birds' food and chicks.

But, this particular bird, called Jack, did not engage in any 'fowl play' for the Tobeys.

"It was very domesticated and not fazed by anything," said Mr Tobey, 48.

"It fell asleep on my arm and I stroked its head.

"We had it in the house and it was fine."

Mr Tobey added that the bird, which has since flown away, provided some happiness for his children, Alisha, 14, Olivia, 12 and Daniel, six, after his mother Hilda suffered a stroke.

"My mum had the stroke in the morning and we went to visit her," said Mr Tobey.

"It was quite traumatic, but when I came home with the children, the bird just landed on the house.

"It sat on the windowsill and stuck its head round.

"The kids were playing and screamed when it first landed, but it was very tame and was good to them."