A PROPOSAL to build 12 homes in Kingsland have been refused.

Mr and Mrs Glynne Schenke wanted to house the properties on land adjoining Kingsleane.

The scheme included four affordable homes, a new road and landscaping.

However, councillors unanimously rejected the application because they believed it would have a detrimental effect on the conservation area.

"It is not a good enough application," said Councillor Mark Hubbard.

"These are executive homes lumped in the countryside."

Two letters of objection were also submitted to Herefordshire Council.

Sarah Sharp-Smith, who lives in Kingsland, said that the application would not contribute positively to the village.

"No development should rely on hiding behind hedges," she said.

Mrs Schenke said that many bodies had supported the proposal and the development is sustainable.

However, councillors agreed that they could not give it the green light because of the impact it would have on the conservation area and because it was 'poorly designed'.