HEADTEACHER, Nigel Griffiths, said that he was delighted to welcome Christine and Rita and to confirm to them the school's continued commitment to its wonderful partnership with Kisiki College. He was in regular communication with Nairuba Irene Ruth, Headteacher of Kisiki and they both appreciated the interaction between staff and students which greatly enriches both organisations. Mr Griffiths said that in his 14 years of association with Kisiki he has seen positive outcomes for individual students and staff who visit Uganda and for all students at the school in terms of the link's contribution to their cultural development.

During their visit Christine and Rita will be teaching lessons and answering questions with all students in years seven, eight and nine. They will also be meeting with the 14 students who are heading off to Uganda next month. Headteacher, Nigel Griffiths and chair of governors, Karen Frost will also host a lunchtime reception in their honour. Around 20 JKHS staff who have been involved in the link will join them. Rita and Christine will also visit primary schools and churches in Ross.

In July, 17 sixth form students and staff will visit Namutumba, they will be joined by former student and Oxford graduate Berti Fisher and JKHS parent governor Jason Harris. During this time they will spend a week at Kisiki College taking part in lessons, debates, sports and musical activities. They will visit primary schools linked with schools in the Ross on Wye area and distribute mosquito nets paid for with money raised on non-uniform days. The group will also visit other parts of Uganda including Jinja on Lake Victoria and Murchison Falls National Park. They will return to the UK at the end of July to await their A level results.