A FREE children's art based workshop was held during the school holidays at The Rodd (Sydney Nolan Trust) just outside Presteigne. The event was organised by Rachel Francis and Jane Walsh of Home Presteigne, run by Sian Bennett and Katrina Morris and funded by The JAC trust. At the event children had the chance to design their own houses for the future using building materials as well as a vast variety of craft items. The children also contributed to a moveable mural.

The children's project kicks off the main questionnaire about affordable sustainable housing in Presteigne, which runs for three weeks from the end of May.

Caption - Some of the children who attended the event with their work Nell Byrne, Abigail Hughes, Iona Dummer, Meghan Hughes, Stephanie Seidman, front Emily Dummer with Rachel Francis (Home Presteigne) and Sian Bennett one of the workshop leaders.