ALL of today's events at the Hay Festival will once again start 15 minutes later than advertised to ensure that everyone arrives on time.

People are advised to allow for an extra hour to their jounrey time due to traffic congestion in the town.

The Macmillan car park adjacent to the festival site opened at 8.30am this morning, but it is muddy, so suitable footwear is advised.

The hardstanding car park at Baskerville Hall Hotel in Clyo is also open today, with extra shuttle busses running to the festival site via Glasbury.

Journey time is around 15 minutes.

Baskerville Hall is on the A438 at Clyro, 150 yards west of the Texaco garage.

The shuttle bus stop is by the main gate by the road.

Venue updates

476 in Scribblers Hut

143 in Wales Stage

144 in Oxfam Moot

145 in Good Energy Stage

HF39 in Starlight Stage

HF40 in Elmley Foundation Stage

148 in Telegraph Stage

149 in Tata Stage

156 in Oxfam Moot

157 in Wales Stage

158 in Elmley Foundation Stage

161 in Wales Stage

162 in Telegraph Stage

174 in Starlight Stage

176 in Elmley Foundation Stage